On this page you can see and find out everything about the main tourist attractions in Nerja.

Cueva de Nerja

This cave is located in the district of Maro, which belongs to Nerja. It was discovered in 1959 and was subsequently declared a cultural and touristic interest place. It is a valuable karstic heritage, very visited by tourists. Enjoy the spectacular formations which born from the floor, ceiling or walls and its huge rooms full of stalactites, which visually surprise visitors. Visiting this cave, you will be able to cross with your family or friends a surprising grptto for about 45 minutes.

Balcón de Europa

One of the emblems of Nerja, a viewpoint facing the sea situated in the centre of the town. It is an ideal place to take a few pictures and stroll calmly among a very lively atmosphere. Legend has it that its name comes from King Alfonso XIII who, while was visiting the town and admiring the views from this place, exclaimed: We are in the Balcony of Europe!

Playa Burriana

Excellent beach, considered to be the best one in Nerja. With a length of 800 meters and a width of 40 meters, it offers visitors smooth and golden sand, as well as calm waters. In addition, it offers multiple services to tourists such as beach bars, shops and restaurants. As well as water activities such as kayak or paddle surf.

Acantilados de Maro

This is a place of steep cliffs of up to 75m in elevation that run parallel to the coast. It has great geological value and varied biodiversity. The marine part has grottos and caves of great beauty that house plant and animal species of great wealth.

You can approach your least accessible and most beautiful places by using a boat.

Fuente del Esparto

Fuente del Esparto is usually the destination of several trails, which can be made in order to enjoy the natural environment of Nerja. It is located about 6km from the parking of Cueva de Nerja and can be reached by following a simple path, giving a nice stroll. The fountain was named after the large amount of esparto grass found in the area. This grass has always been the raw material used in the manufacture of ropes, baskets, espadrilles and other similar products. When you arrive there, you can always drink a gulp of water, as it is potable.

Barco de Chanquete

The television series "Verano Azul" was shot in the town of Nerja. Due to its success, Chanquete, one of its most popular characters, is fondly remembered by many Spaniards. In the Parque Verano Azul of Nerja, you will find an exact replica of the boat of this famous character. Many tourists decide to come to this place just to take a picture with it.

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